Short (3-5 minutes) but very artistic, filled by beautiful music, sounds, great pictures and colours. Crafted by hand with love to detail. It contains scenes from wedding and outdoor sessions. Perfect to share your joy on social networks. It is like a champagne explosion, announcing the upcoming good fun. This is our main product and we are proud to say that we spend a lot of time into crafting these short film.


It’s a longer movie ( about 20 minutes) which contains scenes from the entire wedding day. You will be able to watch the most beautiful moments, your friends and family without worrying about the trailer was too short. The film has a chronology. In the background: good music, speeches and ambient sounds. The whole is sprinkled with good taste and timelessness.

Why only 20 minutes?
We’ve been testing a lot of movie lengths over the years. We believe that 20 minutes is the most optimal length of the film to include all the most important elements of the wedding day, while maintaining the freshness and artistry that keeps you on screen for the entire 20 minutes. Ask us about sample films – you will be surprised when watching it.
Can we modify packages?
For the most demanding customers there is a possibility to buy additional options. We understand that wedding film is a lifelong souvenir and you do not want to lose the most important moments. Choose from the following options what is most important to you.
Additional options:
Ceremony film
You will receive a 5 minute movie. In the case of a civil / humanist wedding: official’s speech and oath + guest reaction. In the case of a church wedding: the oath + a song to the Holy Spirit + the reaction of the guests.
  • Speeches 
If speeches take place during your party – you can keep them for long. You will receive film containing only the speeches of your and your guests.