Who we are?

Pepa Studio. What? Who? … We will tell you our story of the name during the meeting, drinking delicious coffee. The most important is who will be working for you. Alexandra and Peter. We create wedding films with love and passion. We want you to come back to the wedding day with a glass of red wine on every year, taking care of every second of your film. The most amazing wedding film is a film about You … not about a tie, tying a shoe or showing from a drone the roof of a church. After all, what will it matter in ten or twenty years?

We’ve been experimenting with everything we could during last years. From the exchange of equipment through filming techniques to the sound processing and colorgrading of the image. We have been watching thousands wedding films, photographers’ shots, learning from best in class, including videographers from  USA and the Netherlands. One day, we began to understand what we really love in films. One day we discovered our own way and voice.

There are several key attributes that you can find in each of our film:

  • individuality: each film is created from white paper, with no patterns
  • story: so you could admire the film every time, for many years;
  • taste and style: we create films without artificial shots or cheap effects;
  • color and image quality: take a look at our portfolio and just notice;


We’ve been together for over 12 years and we’re still in love. It would not be possible without our common passions. We are addicted to travel – the further away, the harder the more dangerous – the better. We met on the top of the Tatra Mountains. We love sleeping under the open sky, savoring new flavors unavailable in our country, tiredness and sweat after a walking day. For us, happiness is: our family (we already have 3 boys), shared passions, travels and good food. We would also add: life without fear and doing only what we love and what we are good at. At night, we read books, draw, write scripts and design whatever we can. We also get up at night to our beloved boys to cover their quilt and give them a kiss on the forehead … We visit places with soul and artistic touch, we look for inspiration around us, in everything that surrounds us. We love our life! Our family is our strength and that makes us strong. We love our wedding couples – especially those who require from each other. Those who are looking for something more in life. Those who take joy and happiness from every new day.

Our wedding films have been awarded every year in the wedding / film industry. We are a member of the international group of professional wedding filmmakers WEVA.PRO. The best wedding consultants in Poland cooperate with us. We receive a number of awards and prizes every year of “best wedding film” or “the most beautiful wedding video”. There is nothing more important than customer satisfaction.

Of course, we do not work for prizes or awards. For us, filming is an absolute love. It is a passion that we can not turn off. How else can it be called that we are able to sit on films up to 4 hours in the morning, knowing that at 7:00 we will be dropped out of bed by our children?:)